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MS Diet and Body Connection
MS diet and body connection

When it comes to diet, there are so many different types out there that it can feel hard to know which one is the best. I'm a firm believer as a person living with MS,  it’s important to listen to your body.

Currently I am in holiday mode. What does holiday mode mean? Overindulging and pretending I'm 18 when in real life I am 38 but with the body of a 70 year old! Holiday mode is eating all the wrong things, and man am I paying for it. I have the worst leg cramps which reminds me I need to start taking Magnesium again. However, if my diet was better, one could argue I probably wouldn't be deficient. I have been eating some dairy and bread and wraps which have me so badly bloated, I look like I am expecting twins.

I have always been an emotional eater and recently I have been stressed so I have reverted to this. I am moving house but also due to a backlog in the hospital, I have been delayed getting my meds. This is making me symptomatic, so I have gained two new mobility aids. I am falling more and generally not having the greatest time.  However, my head is telling me it is time to grow up a little. If ever there was a time to eat properly it is now. Fatigue levels are high so I need to eat for energy. I know this time too shall pass but poor eating will only make it harder in the long run.

Of all the various diets I have tried, I find ‘Paleo’ works best (a diet consisting of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and acidic fruits). When I first tried the Paleo diet, I thought for the first 7 days I would cease to exist. It was seriously tough. I was irritable and seriously hungry. But then it clicked. I had more energy, my skin was clearer, my tummy wasn’t as bloated. There are plenty of tasty recipes online so it is relatively easy. So now I am back on Paleo for my own well being. I am enjoying cooking again which I find is a great stress reliever. It just requires a bit of thought. I make sure when I go to the supermarket, I have a list of what it is healthy and tasty.

When cooking, it's handy to bulk buy some ingredients. When I cook, I very often cook enough so I can freeze meals for days when I have limited time. When I do this, it tends to keep me away from buying food that is more 'convenient' and quite often has poor nutritional value. We all like a treat, but it is important to be aware of salt, sugar and fat content. Also be aware that when something is labelled 'low fat', it may not always be. Always view the labels on the back.  Never go to the supermarket hungry. This also can be a recipe for disaster. It tends to lead to grabbing food that we shouldn't.

No matter what diet you think would be beneficial, it is also important to discuss with your GP or a Nutritionist to make sure it is suitable. I have had a Nutritionist for several years and we are now looking at switching to a Ketogenic diet as there has been plenty positive stories about people who follow this diet. No matter what, do what works for you. And if a diet sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So, ignore the Beyonce's of the world with their maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet. Do a diet of you! Your body will thank you for it!

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