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Power of Pets: A letter to Ruby
Karen and Ruby

Dearest Ruby, I am thankful every day that you came into my life. You really are my furry little superhero. You can read me like no other.  You know when I am sad, happy, in pain because for these three years you have been in my life, you have been what feels like my only constant.

From the first day I saw you on the Cork Dawg rescue center website, I knew you were special. You had very little fur and you had such spectacular big ears. (A trait I also possess). You lost your fur due to the fact you had had another litter of puppies. When they fed from you, they took all your nutrients, hence the hair loss.. You had the saddest but also the kindest eyes. You were afraid of men which was due to the fact your previous owner saw you as a way of making money and must have been unkind to you. He also docked your tail. Sometimes when I see you twitching in your sleep, my heart breaks a little because I am wondering are you thinking about the cruelty you endured.

You are the most loving little lady and I am glad you became mine. When I see how you interact with people now, it makes me so happy. When we walk, you go at my pace because you know I'm not as steady on my feet sometimes. However on the days you know I am better, you go a little faster because you know I am capable. When I need space, you give it. When I need comfort, you cuddle in by my left thigh and fall asleep. Every time I leave the house and come back, you greet me like it's been a hundred years. You jump up on your hind legs for a hug.

You have done wonderful things for my mental health. When I have relapsed, you have been by my side. I was afraid to go walking in case I fell, but your little legs gave me the confidence to try. It was a slow process but still we got there. Everyone who meets you, loves you. Even people who are afraid of dogs have no fear because if you sense they are nervous, you will approach them in a way that makes them relax.

I love you so much angel because it shows me even though your spirit was broken and you were afraid, you got through it. I too have gone through hard times but we are fighters Ruby. We can do anything. When I give you belly rubs (which you love), its feels like it almost isn't enough to show how grateful I am to you for coming into my life. You are my best friend, family, savior and my happy place. I wouldn't be without you. Thank you for all you have done for me.

Love Karen xxx

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