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Produced by the Nantucket Project, and supported by Novartis, "Beneath The Surface" is an emotional film sharing the voices and journeys of different people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at various phases of the MS journey.

You’ll hear how they felt when they received their diagnosis, and how dreams survive albeit most quite altered from “original plans”. It shows that no matter what your MS journey, nothing is impossible. 

We encounter patients, doctors (sometimes during clinical exams), the inside of an MRI machine, well-known and less well-known people and their families. The film takes us from the personal level to a more universal consideration on stigma, resilience, the importance of a support network and above all hope.  

As everyone’s MS is different and the path it follows can be different too,

sharing your experiences is important and beneficial, not only for your relationships and mental health, but can also support your conversations with your doctor, ensuring that you’re on the best course of treatment for you. MS can change over time, therefore tracking symptoms will help you understand if new or existing symptoms have changed. Any change, no matter how small, should trigger a conversation with your doctor. Click here for additional tips on discussing these changes with your doctor.  

MS is a lifelong disease that can seriously impact multiple areas of one’s life. At Living Like You, we are excited to see the ever-increasing attention and importance MS is receiving and having in different areas of society, helping to remove the stigma and educate people about MS and its progressive nature. It's important to discuss your own experiences with MS and share them with the wider community. For more personal stories of life with MS, check out the articles from our bloggers.

Watch the full Beneath the Surface film here. 

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