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Using Tech for Your MS

New technology is everywhere you look. From 3D printers to robots, more and more progress is being made to make our work, home and even health lives easier.

Exciting developments are on their way for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) too, but you don’t have to wait to start making the most of tech. A lot of technology that’s currently available can help with everyday tasks that MS symptoms have made harder, by making them simple again1.

Here are four tech hacks to help you take control of your MS:

1) Voice command

From calling a friend to turning on the lights, the uses for voice command have grown and grown in recent years. The ultimate dream would be hooking voice control up to your house, allowing you to switch on lights, open windows, turn on kitchen appliances and lots more, just through using your voice. We know that this is not realistic for everyone but voice control can be used in lots of other handy ways too. Voice command is available on most phones now but we don’t always make the most of it. You can look things up, call contacts, dictate texts and more without even having to pick up your phone2.

2) Phone alerts

Medicine schedules can get complicated when you have multiple medications that have to be taken at different times and varying intervals. Simply setting up alerts on your phone can ensure you are popping those pills on schedule.

3) Apps

There are now millions of apps in existence and a lot of these are focused on your health3. For MS, the Clinical Care app has up-to-date information on diagnosis, classification and management of the condition. Luminosity is a brain training app which helps with both cogfog and memory loss. The Noteness app is a specific MS diary to help log your symptoms. It removes the need for a notebook in your pocket and is a discreet way to help you keep track throughout the day.  Try out different apps and see what works and is helpful for you! Just be sure to have a quick check with your doctor before following any advice an app gives you.

4) Wearable tech

Smart watches and wristbands are everywhere. It’s hard to spot someone who doesn’t have a futuristic strap around their wrist these days. Wearable technology can be really useful for tracking things like physical activity, which we know is super important for people with MS, and sleep, to help in managing MS fatigue.

The future of MS tech hacks:

The tech available now is already really useful and will only become more sophisticated with time.

The app BeCare for example, combines logs from doctor’s appointments with results from self-administered tests that people with MS can perform themselves at home4. This will provide a detailed picture of someone’s health and hopefully improve the care doctors can provide. Robots are another example of what is to come, with things like robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers helping you preserve your energy. And who knows, one day you could have a robot cook your dinner for you!

Telemedicine, MS-friendly gym equipment, 3D printing of pills…. Technology could indeed be the answer to a lot of MS-problems in the future - and for now, there are already lots of tech hacks to take advantage of!


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