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Brain Training

Train your brain!

It may be possible to boost your brainpower and help your brain stave off the  “cog fog” that can result from normal aging, as well as from health conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS)1.

While it’s clear that it takes a whole-health approach to keep your noggin in tip-top shape, several studies show that in conjunction with physical activity and a healthy diet, brain games and other learning activities can help you stay sharp; in fact, one study of healthy adults aged 65 and older found that three months of “cognition training” through mental exercises led to significant improvements in people’s attention and memory2.

With that in mind, here are five engaging and effective brain-training apps that won’t cost you a cent, and might actually be fun:



This popular brain training website and app isn’t just addictive—it’s been developed and approved by neuroscientists. With a daily variety of personalized activities and games, think of it as the smartest way possible to kill time. Lumosity.com3.

Khan Academy


Want to up your education? For free? Then you’re going to love this app, which lets you download more than 4,000 videos on subjects ranging from physics to microfinance. KhanAcademy.org4.

Charge Your Brain

Charge Your Brain

You’re logical—right? Find out for sure with this colorful and engaging app, which offers a wide range of skill levels, making it both kid- and adult-friendly. Download at iTunes Store5.



Hablas español? You should: research suggests that having command of more than one language may slow down the brain’s aging process. Duolingo’s app offers a fun, on-the-go way to master Spanish, Portuguese or a number of languages. Duolingo.com6.

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